Private Pilots License (H-PPL)


A Private Helicopter Pilot License (PPL) allows you to fly a helicopter and carry passengers and baggage, although not for compensation or hire. Operating expenses may be shared with other passengers. The PPL is designed for those who wish to fly for pleasure rather than for a career. The minimum requirements for obtaining a PPL are:


  • 17 Years old.

  • Aviation medical.

  • 50 Hours minimum flying time, (including 15 hours of solo).

  • PPL exam.

  • Restricted radio license*.


All exams and radio licenses* are done at HENLEY AIR, Rand Airport.


The following forms the theoretical and practical requirements in order to complete the helicopter PPL. It is important to complete the Block Quizzes by the completion of the corresponding exercise to ensure both theoretical and practical continuity. It is a legal requirement to have completed the Technical Exam, Medical Examination and Pre-Solo Exam prior to the first solo flight.




Medical examination.


Familiarisation with the helicopter and basic aerodynamics.

Preparation before and after flight.

Air experience. 

Effects of controls.

Attitude and power changes.

Straight and level flight, climbing and descending.

Medium turns.


Lift off and touchdown.

Hover and taxi.


Autorotation (Basic).

Vortex ring.




Pre-solo exam.

Technical exam.

Solo and consolidation.

Advanced Hover.

Precision transitions.

Steep turns.

Quickstops and tight circuits.

Advanced autorotation.

Limited power operations.

Out of wind operations.

Autorotation and touchdown.

Sloping ground landings.

Confined areas.

Low flying.

Cross country and navigation.

High altitude flying.

Introduction to mountain flying.

Night flying.

Instrument flying.


Restricted radio license exam.

Practical test.

Final exam.




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